Health Benefits of Cannabis

August 18, 2021
August 18, 2021 Cannabis Bakery

The Health benefits of Cannabis

What are the benefits of cannabis infused food?

Just what are the health benefits of cannabis? Longkan Cannabis Cafe, explores some of the benefits of a cannabis infused diet.

Just what are the health benefits of cannabis?
What is the science behind these benefits?

1.  Pain Relief

Cannabis can help to relieve chronic pain. What is the science behind this? Basically there are hundreds of chemical compounds that make up cannabis. Many of these chemical compounds are called ‘cannabinoids’.

Studies have found that cannabinoids provide pain relief due to their chemical makeup. The pain busting powers of cannabinoids, is one of the main reasons why medical cannabis is used for those who suffer from chronic pain.


2.  Reduction In Anxiety

One of the major reasons why people take cannabis is to relax. Cannabis is also excellent at reducing feelings of anxiety. Studies have found that when cannabis is taken in low dosages, it can alleviate anxiety.

How does this work? Brain scans of test participants were taken after administrating a low dosage of cannabis. Changes to the blood flow to the regions of the brain associated with anxiety were detected. The study found that not only did it make participants feel less anxious it also changed the way their brain responded to anxiety.

Similarly changes to the blood flow in the brain, also has a positive effect on those individuals who suffer from depression.


3.  Weight Loss

Cannabis has been linked to weight loss and maintaining a healthy BMI. Cannabis has long had a reputation in popular culture as increasing your appetite. So how exactly can cannabis help you to lose weight?

THC, stimulates the CB1 receptor, which in turn releases a hormone into the body that increases food intake. However, it’s counterpart the CB1 receptor antagonist, can block or deactivate the CB1 receptor. This in turns reduces appetite and can help to control your weight.

Furthermore, the CB2 receptor has been found to reduce inflammation and to also reduce food intake. This is why it is thought to help with the management of obesity.

3.1. Converting Bad Fats To Good Fats

Cannabis has also been found to convert ‘white’ bad fats into ‘brown’ good fats. This conversion process can help the body to effectively break down fats and to burn calories. ‘Brown’ fats are an active form of fat. They burn energy off as heat, which in turn means they are actually burning calories. ‘White’ fats are known to increase the health risks of many chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Therefore, cannabis is a good way to reduce your future risk of heart disease and diabetes.

3.2. Reducing Your risk of Metabolic Disorders

Studies have found that cannabis can help reduce your future risk of developing metabolic disorders such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Cannabis has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. these properties can reduce cholesterol, blood pressure and reduce blood sugar levels.


4.  Increase Lung function

A study the University of California has found that cannabis can actually increase lung airflow rates and lung volume. Volume is determined to be the measured amount an individual can blow out after taking their deepest possible breath.


Phuket Cannabis Cafe

Come and try out our extensive cannabis menu at Longkan Cannabis Cafe. Benefit from the health boosting properties of cannabis in Phuket, Thailand. Our friendly staff will guide you through the cannabis menu and can make suitable recommendations.

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