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Buy weed in Phuket with a legal and fully licensed cannabis dispensary and weed delivery service. We are open until 3am everyday. We have the best selection of high quality weed in Phuket.

We are a Doctor Led weed dispensary. Head of our team is a Thai Medical Doctor who oversees our weed products and ensures we can legally sell medical-grade high-THC weed in Phuket.

You can be guaranteed that you are buying weed legally from a trustworthy legal service which has been checked and verified by a medical doctor.

12th November 2022 – The Thai Cannabis Law has been updated – The cannabis flower bud is now a “controlled substance” with new restrictions. You can only legally buy the flower bud from dispensaries with a legal permit and license issued by the Thai Government. Our clients can continue to buy weed in Phuket from us. We have a legal permit and license to sell cannabis. Head of our team is a Thai medical doctor who has a license to legally prescribe cannabis.

We deliver cannabis and cannabis edibles (brownies and gummies) across Phuket – every day from 1:30pm – 3am. We have completed hundreds of deliveries and offer a very discreet service.

You can also pick up weed and edibles from our location in Patong OTOP from 1pm – 1am daily.

We pride ourselves on our professional and personal service. Our team are ready to serve you and answer any questions you may have. Simply send us a message on any popular messaging app.

You can also visit us in store, meet our staff and check out our weed and cannabis products in person.


We Are A Legal & Licensed Cannabis Company

May 2023 – New Thai government and changes in Thai cannabis laws. The new government – The Move Forward Party have explained that they will be re-listing cannabis as a ‘narcotic.’ The MFP have assured us that legal cannabis businesses who have the correct legal licenses and permits will be protected by the new cannabis laws. As such we can continue to legally trade and sell cannabis. Buy weed legally from us when the Thai cannabis law changes.

We have a legal permit and license to sell cannabis. Head of our team is a Thai medical doctor who has a license to legally prescribe cannabis. You should not buy weed from unlicensed cannabis shops or delivery services as they are operating illegally.

Updated Thai Cannabis Law

The flower bud is now a ‘controlled substance’. Sellers must have a legal license from the Thai government to sell weed in Thailand.

Legal Cannabis License

Phuket Cannabis has a legal license to sell weed in Phuket. We also have a licensed medical doctor to prescribe medical cannabis.

Buy Weed Legally

Please respect Thai law and buy weed in Phuket legally from licensed cannabis dispensaries when in Phuket.

Thai Medical Doctor

We have a licensed Thai medical Doctor who can legally prescribe and supply high-THC weed and cannabis products.

Buy Legally with Us

Buy weed in Phuket legally with Phuket Cannabis Cafe. Be assured you are buying cannabis from a legal source of cannabis.

Phuket Medical Cannabis

Our medical doctor can assist you if you require a prescription for medical cannabis. Simply contact us for more details.

Cali Weed In Phuket

We have the largest selection of Cali Weed in Phuket. High quality weed from the biggest Cali brands – Snoop Dogg, Mike Tyson, Nipsey Hussle, Wiz Khalifa, Ice Cube, Sherbinskis, Runtz, Cookies, Backpack Boyz, Top Dawg and more.

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New Arrivals

Now Available!
Fryday Kush by Ice Cube (46.2% THC)
Full range of ‘Leafs By Snoop’ cannabis strains
Restock of ‘Tiger Mintz’ By Mike Tyson (31% THC)
‘The Toad’ By Mike Tyson (37% THC)
‘Dabwoods LA’ Disposable Vape Pens
‘Packwoods’ Premium Blunts
Packman Vapes


Enjoy The health Benefits of Cannabis

Enjoy the health benefits of cannabis in Phuket. We offer cannabis, pre-rolled joints and cannabis gummies, and freshly baked treats such as cannabis brownies. Available for delivery across Phuket.

Alleviate Anxiety

When taken in a moderate amount, cannabis can alleviate anxiety and effectively calm you down.

Pain Relief

The chemical compounds in cannabis, many of which are cannabinoids, are effective in reducing chronic pain.

Weight Loss

There is evidence that cannabis speeds up metabolism and reduces energy storage which will result in a lower bMI.

Improves Sleep

The calming effect of cannabis can in turn help you have a peaceful nights sleep. This is achieved through reducing anxiety, stress and pain.

Improves Lung Capacity

Several studies have found that cannabis can increase lung capacity. This suggests hyperinflation and large-airways resistance.

Fights Cancer

One of the biggest medical benefits of cannabis is the link to fighting cancer. There is evidence that shows cannabinoids can help fight cancer.

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Now Delivering Weed, Cannabis Brownies & Gummies

We deliver cannabis, pre-rolled joints, cannabis brownies and cannabis gummies across Phuket. Please contact us to order your cannabis products today!

Message us ‘menu’ and we will send you our full menu of cannabis products and pricing.

Our friendly budtenders are ready to take your order, arrange delivery and answer any questions.

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