Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you have any questions not listed here, please contact us. Our team will be happy to answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do You Deliver?
    Yes, we deliver everyday all over Phuket
  • Where Do You Deliver?
    We deliver all over Phuket and Khao Lak
  • Do You Deliver cannabis?
    Yes we do
  • How Can I See Your Menu?
    Please message us 'menu' and we will send a full cannabis menu
  • How Much Is Delivery?
    Delivery depends on the distance from our shop to the delivery destination
  • What Are your Delivery Hours?
    1:30pm - 3am
  • How Does The Delivery Service Work?
    Contact us and place an order. We deliver to you, let you know when we have arrived and you pay our driver in cash.
  • How Do I Pay?
    It is cash on delivery
  • Do You Accept Card Payments?
    No, we only accept cash
  • Can I Pay By Thai Bank Transfer?
    Yes , you can
  • Can I Pay By QR Code?
    Yes, you can
  • Where Do I Meet The Delivery Driver?
    Our driver will meet you in the lobby or outside your accommodation
  • Can You Deliver Today?
    Yes, we have same day delivery - 1:30pm - 3am everyday
  • Can i pre book delivery?
    Yes, you can pre book delivery
  • Do You Deliver To Khao Lak?
    Yes, we do
  • Can I Pick Up My Order From Your Shop
    Yes, sure you can pick up from our Patong location
  • Can I Pick Up Cannabis From Your Shop
    Yes, you can pick up cannabis and edibles
  • What Are Your Opening Hours?
    1:30pm - Midnight
  • Where Is Your Shop?
    We Are In Patong OTOP Shopping Markets
  • Can I Get The Location Pin For Your Shop
    Please message us and we will send to you
  • Do I Need To Pre-Book My Pick Up Order
    Yes, please contact us so we can have your order waiting for you
  • How Does This Service Work?
    Message us and place your order. Arrive at our location and message us. Our staff will have your order waiting for you.
  • Can I Pick Up My Order Today?
    Yes you can. We are open everyday from 1:30pm - Midnight
  • Can I See The Products Before I Buy?
    Yes you can. Please come to our Patong location
  • How Do I Pay for My Pick Up Order?
    Please pay cash in the shop when you pick up
  • Is There A Minimum Order for Pick Ups?
    No, there is no minimum order for our pick up service
  • Do You Sell Grinders?
    Yes, we sell grinders
  • Do You Sell Rolling Paper?
    Yes, we sell them in packs of 1 or 3
  • Do You Sell Lighters?
    Yes, we sell lighters
  • Do You Sell Nicotine Vapes?
    Yes, we have nicotine vapes
  • Do You Sell THC Vapes?
    Yes, we have THC refillable and disposable vapes
  • How Do I Order?
    Please send us a message - we are available on all popular messaging apps. Place your order and we will organise delivery or pick up
  • Where Can I Message You?
    WhatsApp (+66 99-245-2473 / 099-245-2473), Telegram (+66 99-245-2473 / 099-245-2473), Signal (+66 99-245-2473 / 099-245-2473), LINE (@longkancafe), Snapchat (@phuketcannabis), WeChat (phuketluxe)
  • Can I Pre-Book My Order
    Sure, you can pre-book your order or delivery
  • What Languages Do You Speak
    English & Thai
  • Are You A Legal Cafe
    Yes, we are a legal cafe and have a legal license
  • Are Brownies & Gummies Legal?
    Yes, they are legal
  • Is Cannabis Legal To Buy?
    Yes, it is
  • I Have A Question About The Strength of Your products?
    Please message us for further information
  • I Can't See The Product I Want?
    Please message us for further information
  • Do you sell indica and sativa weed?
    Yes, we do
  • Is There A Minimum Order For Deliveries?
    Yes there is depending on your delivery location
  • Do you sell wholesale weed?
    Yes we do please contact us for more information
  • Delivery Service - Everyday
  • Delivery Hours: 1:30pm - 3am

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