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  1. Fully Legal & Licensed – Doctor Led Dispensary & Weed Delivery Service In PhuketConsumers can buy with confidence knowing that we are a fully legal and licensed cannabis dispensary and weed delivery service in Phuket. We are also headed by a Thai medical doctor who can legally supply and prescribe high THC products.

    We have the correct cannabis permit to legally possess and sell weed in Phuket. We can also issue legal prescriptions for you to carry with you to prove your legal status to possess cannabis in Phuket.

    As the cannabis laws tighten in Thailand we are future proofed for any eventuality. We already have a license issued by the Thai Government –  unlike many of the delivery services and dispensaries who are operating illegally with no legal permit to be selling weed to tourists.

    When buying weed in Phuket, you should be checking that the vendor is fully licensed and has an official government permit to sell cannabis. They should be able to show you their legal permit. If they do not you are illegally buying and possessing weed.

    Here are our legal permits to legally prescribe, possess and sell weed to the general public. Head of our team is a Thai medical doctor who can legally prescribe cannabis. Their official medical license is displayed below.

  2. High Quality Weed In PhuketWe have the largest range of high quality exotic and top shelf weed in Phuket, Thailand. We carefully handpick the very best organic buds for our clients. As a result we are at the cutting edge of the latest and hottest cannabis strains. We curate the finest weed strains from around the world for you to try. You can find rare, hard to find and celebrity weed strains to try out at Phuket Cannabis Cafe. We have connections to get even the most elusive sought after weed strains and bring them to our clients in Phuket.
  3. The OG Weed Delivery Service In PhuketWe are the original Phuket weed delivery service. We were the very first cannabis delivery service in operation as soon as cannabis was deregulated in June 2022. Over the last year we have completed hundreds of deliveries securing our place as the best and most professional delivery service in Phuket.
  4. Reliable & Dependable Weed Delivery Service In PhuketWe are committed to bringing you a professional weed delivery service in Phuket. We ensure we are reliable and dependable delivering everyday (even on public holidays and when there is flooding!) from 1pm – 3am. We can even deliver outside of delivery hours when clients pre-book our delivery service. We are there for you whenever and wherever you need us.
  5. Weed Delivery Direct To Your Door Within 60 MinutesWe pride ourselves on quick and efficient delivery for our clients. We can deliver direct to you within 60 minutes. If you are in Patong we even have an express delivery service so we can be with you within 30 minutes. We deliver all over Phuket everyday 1pm – 3am.
  6. Professional Weed Delivery Drivers In PhuketWe only employ professional cannabis drivers for our delivery service. Our drivers are especially trained in transporting and delivering weed. We ensure our cannabis products are delivered carefully and in perfect condition. We send our orders by climate controlled cars to keep our weed perfect. Don’t worry our cars do not have any company branding or advertisements on them so delivery is perfectly private and discreet. Our drivers are trained to be discreet when delivering as we understand our clients do not want others to know what they are having delivered.
  7. No Stress Weed Delivery In PhuketDo not waste your time wondering around Phuket’s many cannabis shops looking for the best weed. There is no need to waste your precious time when Phuket Cannabis Cafe can legally deliver the very best weed direct to you wherever your location. We can deliver weed to hotels, villas, private homes, restaurants, etc. Just easily place your order with us and kick back and wait for your order to arrive.



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Weed Watch Thailand – January 2023

Thailand Weed Watch – January 2023

Cannabis Update From Ministry Of Public Health – 3rd January 2023


On January 3, 2023, Dr. Narong Apikulwanich, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health addressed concerns regarding foreign tourists buying weed in Thailand.

This is due to the popularity of cannabis-containing products being purchased by international tourists in Thailand.

In order for tourists to understand the cannabis guidelines in Thailand. Dr Narong has issued a 10 step guide to inform tourists of the Thai cannabis laws titled ‘10 Things Tourists Need To Know About Cannabis In Thailand’.

We recommend tourists to carefully read the 10 points issued by Dr Narong so that you are legally purchasing and possessing weed in the Kingdom of Thailand.

The 10-point guide will be readily available at all tourist centres around Thailand.

LINK To Article Thai PBS –



’10 Things Tourist Need To Know About Cannabis In Thailand’


  1. Carrying seeds OR parts of  the CANNABIS plant from and to Thailand for personal purposes are not permitted.
  2. CANNABIS cultivation is legal but registering in the ‘Food And Drug Administration’s’ “Plook Ganja” application OR through government website is required.
  3. Using CANNABIS flower buds for research, export, sale, and processing for commercial purposes Requires Official Permit.
  4. Individuals under 20 years old, pregnant women and breastfeeding women are not eligible to use CANNABIS except under the supervision of health professionals.
  5. Possession of extract containing more than 0.2% THC and synthetic THC requires permission.
  6. CANNABIS contained dishes are available in authorized Restaurants.
  7. Approved CANNABIS health products are accessible through specific channels.
  8. Smoking CANNABIS in public spaces, including schools and shopping malls, is Illegal.
  9. Avoid driving after consuming food OR health products containing CANNABIS.
  10. Those who have serious undesirable health outcomes from consuming CANNABIS should promptly see doctors for treatment.



Phuket Cannabis Café

Continue to shop with confidence with Phuket Cannabis Café. We have an official permit (as required by The Thai Ministry of Health) to possess and sell weed in Thailand. Buy weed in Phuket legally from Phuket Cannabis Cafe. We are the best weed delivery service in Phuket, Thailand.

Here are our official permits issued by the Thai Government. We also have a Thai medical Doctor’s license to legally prescribe cannabis in Thailand.



How To Legally Buy Weed In Phuket

Phuket Delivery Service

Phuket Weed FAQs

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Buy Weed In Khao Lak

Delivering In Khao Lak Today (3rd January) and tomorrow (4th January)

Weed Delivery In Khao Lak – Delivering 3rd & 4th January

We have the widest selection of exotic weed and top-shelf weed in the region. Take the chance to experience our high-quality organic weed during your stay in Khao Lak.

We have cult classics such as Ghost Train Haze, Purple Smackers, Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, Coochie Runtz, Pineapple Express. Plus many many more amazing weed strains from the hottest weed brands on the marketplace.

Unique celebrity weeds strains also available! We currently have Wiz Khalifa’s Kush Mintz and Purple Smackers from The Marathon cannabis range. Get them while stocks last as they are notoriously hard to find in Asia!

Our latest weed menu for January 2023


Pre-Order Weed In Khao Lak

We are open to pre-orders if you would like to book your weed delivery on Tuesday 3rd & Wednesday 4th January. We will be delivering until 3am on these days. Just send us a message on any of the popular messaging apps.


On-Demand Weed Delivery

As usual, we will be taking on-demand orders today Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th January . Just let us know your order when you are ready.


Quick & Discreet Weed Delivery

Our professional team of drivers are ready and waiting to deliver your order quickly and discreetly in Khao Lak.


Legal & Licensed

We are fully legal and licensed cannabis dispensary and weed delivery service. Buy with confidence from Phuket Cannabis Cafe. The OG weed delivery service in Khao Lak, Thailand.


How To Order:

WhatApp: 099 245 2473

Signal: 099 245 2473

Text: 099 245 2473

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WhatsApp: 099 245 2473

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Hot Weed Promotion In Phuket

Hot Weed & Edibles Promotion In Phuket

Check out our hot weed promotion running from 28th November – 30th November 2022. This very special offer is available for our cannabis delivery service in Phuket only.

Take your chance to try out our exotic weed for 800 baht per gram. Or try out our delicious range of edibles.

Phuket Weed Promotion

  • All exotic weed 800 baht per gram
  • Buy 5 grams of weed and get 1 gram of AA weed for FREE
  • Buy 10 grams of weed and get 1 gram of Exotic weed for FREE


Phuket Edibles Promotion


  • Buy 5 brownies and get 1 FREE
  • Buy 10 gummies and get 1 FREE


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WhatsApp: 099 245 2473

Signal: 099 245 2473

Telegram: @phuketcannabis

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Buy Weed In Phuket Legally

Thailand Cannabis Law – Flower Bud Is Now A ‘Controlled Substance.’

Effective From Saturday 12th November 2022

Ministry of Public Health Thailand announced that from Saturday 12th November 2022, the flower bud of the cannabis plant is now a “controlled substance” with restrictions.

Please be aware that there are now new cannabis rules in place. The flower bud can only be sold by cannabis dispensaries that have an official permit and license to legally sell cannabis issued by the Thai Government. Anyone selling the flower bud without a permit or license is selling weed illegally.

Cannabis can also not be sold to anyone under 20 years of age, students and pregnant or breastfeeding individuals.


Phuket Cannabis Cafe Has A Legal Permit & License To Sell Cannabis

Clients can continue to buy cannabis from Phuket Cannabis Café. We have an official permit and license to sell cannabis, export cannabis, possess cannabis, study cannabis and research cannabis. We remain open and selling high-quality cannabis everyday 1:30pm – 3am.

According to Section 46 we regularly report our source, uses and stock amounts to the Thai Government.


Doctor Led Dispensary

Phuket Cannabis Cafe is a doctor-led dispensary. The Head of our team is a Thai medical doctor with a legal medical cannabis license to prescribe cannabis. Our Doctor is fully licensed to prescribe medical cannabis to Nationals of any country visiting or living in Thailand.


Medical Doctors License to Legally Prescribe Cannabis

Legally Buy Weed In Phuket

  • When buying weed in Phuket, please make sure you are following Thai law.
  • You should only be buying weed from cannabis dispensaries and weed delivery services that have the correct license to possess, supply and sell cannabis.
  • The cannabis service should have their license on display on their website or in their shop.
  • If in doubt please ask to see their license to sell weed legally in Phuket.
  • If they do not have a license they are selling weed illegally.
  • If you buy weed from an unlicensed cannabis service you will be illegally buying and possessing weed in Thailand.


Source – English Newspaper Links:

Cannabis flower bud now a controlled substance with restrictions

New edict tightens controls on non-medical use of cannabis in Thailand

Please Buy Weed Legally In Phuket

When buying weed in Phuket, please ensure you obey Thai law. You should be legally purchasing weed (the flower bud) only from a licensed cannabis dispensary with the correct permit to sell weed commercially. If you fail to do so you will be breaking the law in Thailand.


Phuket Cannabis Cafe

We are a fully legal and licensed weed dispensary and weed delivery service in Phuket, Thailand. We have the largest selection of exotic weed and top-shelf weed in Phuket. We are open and delivering everyday from 1:30pm – 3am.


Phuket Halloween Weed Deal

All Treats & No Tricks @ Phuket Cannabis Cafe

Celebrate Halloweed in Phuket with Phuket Cannabis Cafe! We have some exciting Halloween deals for our loyal clients to enjoy this 31st October.


Halloween Candy Edibles

If you like your halloween candy with a kick of THC this is the deal for you. Enjoy our deliciously potent edibles with our ‘buy 5 get 1 free’ deal this Halloween.

We have extra strong sativa gummies or indica gummies available for you to try in Phuket. Make this Halloween your best ever!


Halloween Chocolate Brownies

We have freshly baked indica or sativa chocolate brownies available for your enjoyment. Our delicious weed brownies our a firm favourite at Phuket Cannabis Cafe. For today only we have a very special deal buy 5 and get 1 more for FREE. 6 delectable brownies for the price of 5! This is a perfect deal for groups of friends who are looking for an exciting treat this Halloween.



If weed is your thing, we have a very special offer for you. Our exotic grade super sour diesel is available for 700 baht per gram. Marked down from 900 baht per gram this is a spooky deal you can not miss out on. Take the chance to try out an exotic weed this halloween whilst stocks last!

Super Sour Diesel, is a potent sativa strain of weed.  You will enjoy a hit of euphoria, happiness and surging energy. A perfect combination for those of you who will be out socialising and partying on Halloween night!


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Phuket Floods – We Are Open!

Saturday 22nd October – We are open and delivering as normal until 3am

Phuket Cannabis Cafe, is still open and delivering despite the flooding and bad weather in Phuket at the moment. Our professional staff are dedicated to serving our clients and we are still working and still delivering weed, edibles, vapes and supplies across Phuket.

We are open as normal with a full service until 3am everyday. We have extra delivery staff working, 4×4 cars and motorbikes to keep us moving and delivering all over phuket as normal. The bad weather, landslides and flooding is not stopping us from reaching our clients.

If you are stuck at home during the Phuket floods, why not make an order with the best cannabis delivery service in Phuket. We will reach you no matter what because we care about our clients. Our happy clients from the last couple of days can testify to that! We will not let you down during your time of need!

Our professional staff are ready to take your order and deliver to you today! Stay safe and dry at home and we will bring the weed to you. The perfect way to unwind and relax at home.


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Late Night Weed Delivery In Phuket

Are you looking for a legal late-night weed delivery service or a late-night weed shop open in Phuket? Phuket Cannabis Cafe is here for you. We are open until 3am every evening.


Perfect for those coming home from a night out and want to smoke and chill. Or those who are arriving late night in Phuket and want some weed to relax after a long day of travelling. Or maybe you just need help sleeping?


Where To Find Late Night Weed In Phuket

Whatever your circumstances, you can drop by the shop conveniently located in Patong OTOP opposite The Hard Rock Cafe. Or we can deliver to you. Our professional team deliver high quality cannabis, edibles, vapes and supplies all over Phuket.

Order now for your fast and professional late night delivery. We have the biggest selection of exotic and top shelf cannabis in Phuket. Check back regularly because we are always restocking old favourites and brand new strains of weed. Our friendly customer service team, are available round the clock to take orders and answer any questions.

We are a fully legal and licensed weed shop and weed delivery service in Phuket, Thailand. Buy with confidence from a legal cannabis service in Phuket. We are not a faceless online weed delivery service; we have a shop in Patong OTOP. You are very welcome to drop by and meet the owner, and the staff and most importantly check out our cannabis, edibles and cannabis products.


Make Your Late Night Order

WhatsApp: 099 245 2473

Signal: 099 245 2473

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Can Tourists legally buy Weed In Phuket, Thailand?

I Am A Tourist In Thailand. Can I legally Buy weed In Phuket?


This is understandably an important question for tourists visiting Thailand for the first time since the Thai cannabis laws have been relaxed. Phuket Cannabis Café is here to help you make sense of the new law and help you to understand exactly what the updated cannabis law means for tourists in Thailand.



Is it legal for tourists to buy weed in Phuket and Thailand?


Medical cannabis use has been legal in Thailand since 2018 for patients who had a prescription to access cannabis for their medical condition. Thailand was in fact the first Asian nation to legalise cannabis for medical use.


On 9th June 2022 the cannabis laws were relaxed once again when it was decriminalised in Thailand. The Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA) removed all parts of the cannabis plant from the category 5 narcotic list. Under Thai law cannabis for recreational use is now legal. There is no restriction on THC content for cannabis plant parts.



What Does This Mean For Tourists?


Legally tourists – like Thai Nationals – can legally purchase cannabis in Thailand for recreational use. You do not need a prescription to access cannabis.


Legally cannabis cannot be sold to those individuals under 20 years of age or anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding.


The Thai Public Health Act 2535


The Public Health Act states that it is legal for everyone (tourists or nationals) to buy cannabis in Thailand for personal use in private areas only. Please note that Thai law states that is illegal to smoke in public areas because the smoke is a nuisance to the general public. If you are caught smoking in public, you could be fined up to 25,000 Baht or imprisoned for up to 3 months.



Fast Facts For Tourists:


  1. Legally tourists can buy cannabis in Phuket and Thailand for recreational use.
  2. You do not need a prescription or be a medical cannabis patient from your home country to buy cannabis in Phuket.
  3. It is legal to smoke cannabis for personal ‘recreational’ use in private places.
  4. It is illegal to smoke cannabis in public areas – you could be fined up to 25,000 baht.
  5. You can not smoke in public areas because the smoke is a public nuisance to the public.
  6. You must be at least 20 years old to purchase cannabis in Thailand.
  7. You can not buy weed if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  8. For those with chronic medical conditions, it is recommended that you check with your medical provider before taking cannabis.
  9. Legally you can carry cannabis on domestic flights inside Thailand. Please make sure you properly wrap the weed, so the smell does not disturb anyone else.
  10. You can not carry weed over the border entering or exiting Thailand.
  11. Cannabis can only be sold by Thai Nationals. Foreign Nationals and foreign-owned companies are strictly prohibited from selling or engaging in the cannabis industry.



Where can I Buy weed In Phuket? What Should I Look For When Buying?


There has been an influx of people arriving in Phuket to sell cannabis, wanting to cash in on the relaxation of the Thai law. It is therefore important to select a trustworthy cannabis provider who is legally selling high-quality weed.


You should only be purchasing weed from Thai Nationals or Thai-owned and Thai-staffed cannabis shops or services. Purchasing from foreign Nationals is illegal as they are prohibited under Thai law from selling weed in Thailand. The Thai cannabis industry is protected by The Thai First Incentive, which reserves jobs and industries for Thai people only.


Check the quality of the cannabis – Things to think about when purchasing – what quality or ‘grade’ is the cannabis? Is it locally grown? Is it imported weed? Is it grown indoors or outdoors? Do they have a shop where you can go and check the weed in real life?


How long has the service been trading? Have they been around since June 2022 when the law was first relaxed? Or are they a new service looking to cash in on the cannabis trend? Do they have a shop where you can meet their staff, find out more about them, and check out all their weed and cannabis products?


Is the cannabis provider a legally licensed cannabis business? Do they have the correct licenses from the Thai government to import, grow, possess, and sell cannabis in Thailand?


Are they a doctor-led service? Do they have a doctor on staff to prescribe high-THC products? The genuine cannabis services are all fully licensed and legal. They understand the importance of building a reputable and legal cannabis business for the future – especially when the cannabis laws become more regulated.


About Us:


We are Phuket Cannabis Café a Thai-owned and fully Thai-staffed business based in Phuket, Thailand. We first opened for business in February 2021, as one of the very first legally licensed cannabis cafes that could serve cannabis-infused food and drinks in Phuket.

When cannabis was further decriminalised in June 2022, we became a legal and licensed cannabis dispensary and delivery service in Phuket. We were the very first delivery service in operation in Phuket. Today we are still the number 1 delivery service on the paradise island of Phuket. We are a Doctor -Led dispensary that can legally sell THC products to the general public.


We have a huge range of high quality Exotic and AAA top shelf weed strains. We take great pride in selecting high quality imported American and European weed for our clients. We are constantly updating our cannabis menu, so we encourage our clients to keep checking back to see whats new. We very often have rare and hard to find cannabis strains available for you to try. Please be aware they do sell out very quickly so it really is first come first served. So you have to buy quickly to avoid missing out on a rare cannabis gem.


We have served thousands of customers throughout our time and are well respected and trusted. This is why we have loyal customers who always return to us and recommend us to their friends and family.


Our delivery service is open every day from 2pm – 3am. Our shop based in Patong OTOP is open daily from 1pm – 2am. You are very welcome to visit us in store, meet our owner and staff and check out our huge range of  high quality imported weed and cannabis products.


Our 5 star customer service staff are available 24 hours a day to take orders, answer questions, and keep you updated on deliveries or to pre book deliveries. We speak English and Thai and are always happy to help or provide recommendations. We are passionate about weed!


Contact Us:

WhatApp: 099 245 2473

Signal: 099 245 2473

Text: 099 245 2473

Telegram: @phuketcannabis

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WhatsApp: 099 245 2473

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Melonade Weed In Phuket


Back in stock by popular demand we have the super sativa strain – Melonade. Known for its delicious aromatic aroma and flavour coupled with its light and heady cerebral high it is a well-deserved winner of the 2018 cannabis cup.

Melonade is a cross between Watermelon Zkittlez and Lemon Tree. This sativa strain reaches highs of 27% THC. Melonade is  excellent for helping users focus on tasks and be creative. These factors mean that melonade is perfect for smoking in the daytime and afternoon when you have to complete tasks without stress, worry and procrastinating.

Melonade is particularly used to help ease depression, insomnia and pain. Just 1 hit of melonade and you feel a cerebral high gently sweeping over your body. All negative thoughts will melt away and you will be experiencing a happy high. Your laser focus will make any task easily accomplished. You will also experience a light body high which will relax you and ease away any aches and pains. Any physical tasks you have to complete will be no match for your body today.

You will enjoy a sweet fruity flavour with sour citrus and lemon undertones. The aroma is very subtle and nowhere near as pungent as its parents watermelon zkilltez and Lemon Tree.

Melonade is the perfect companion for days when you just have to get things done and you need a mood boosting weed to help you along.


Where To Buy Melonade Weed In Phuket?

Exotic quality Melonade is now back in stock and available in grams and as melonade pre-rolls at Phuket Cannabis Cafe. Melonade is available for delivery across Phuket or can be picked up from our weed shop in Patong, Phuket.


Order Melonade In Phuket Today

For orders or further information about our cannabis products, please contact us.

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Signal: 099 245 2473

Text: 099 245 2473

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