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We are a legal and licensed weed shop and weed delivery service in Phuket. We have the largest selection of exotic cannabis, top-shelf cannabis and pre-rolls in Phuket.
We have a weed shop in Patong OTOP opposite Hard Rock Cafe open from 1pm – 2am. Our Phuket weed delivery service is available from 1:30pm – 3am every day.

Buy Cannabis

If you would like to buy cannabis in Phuket we can help.

Quick, same-day weed delivery service across Phuket.

1:30pm – 3am everyday.

For orders before 1:30pm please pre-book the day before

Pick up from Patong available from 1pm everyday

For our full menu please message us.

Contact Us

If you would like to buy weed in Phuket from our legal and licensed service, please contact us:

• Text: 099 245 2473
• WhatsApp: 099 245 2473
• Telegram – @phuketcannabis
• Snapchat – @phuketcannabis
• LINE message @longkancafe
• IG: @buyweedphuket

Payment & Delivery

Make your order.

Select delivery service or pick up service.

Pick up from 1pm everyday in Patong.

Deliveries everyday from 1:30pm – 3am.

For orders before 1:30pm please pre-book the day before

Same-day weed deliveries

Pay for your order in cash.

Available Weed:

Banana Cream
Truffle Cake
Thin Mint Cookies
Mac 2
Dat Flava
Thin Mint Cookies x Jealousy
Tropical Runtz
Peach Maraschino
Pancake Breath
Hawaiian Haze
Animal Mints
Gary Payton
Obama Runtz
Apple Banana
Purple Mac
Lemon Cherry Gelato
Pink Panties
White Runtz

Available Weed

Purple Punch
Jealousy X KM
Girl Scout Cookies
Rainbow Sherbert
Mac 1
Pink Runtz
Apple Fritter
Coochie Runtz
Platinum Bunna
Italian Ice
Sour Cookies
Studio 54
White Truffle
Purple Tangie
Wiz Khalifa Kush Mints
Dosi Punch
Tahoe Cookies

Available Weed

Gush Mints
Truffle Runtz
Baico Gelato
Sour Diesel
Guava Cake
Pineapple Express
Animal Face
Blue Dream
Diamond Peak
Purple Smackers
London Pound Cake
Ice Cream Cake
Gelato 41
Kush Mintz
Acapulco Gold
Ghost Train Haze
Mango Brulee
Moroccan Hash

Buy Weed In Phuket

Buy your weed from Phuket Cannabis cafe. Pick up from our Patong shop. Weed delivery service is available every day 1:30pm – 3am. We deliver all over Phuket to hotels, villas, restaurants, Phuket Airport, piers, etc. Our customer service team work around the clock to book deliveries, guide you through delivery and answer any weed questions.

Text us: 099 245 2473

WhatsApp: 099 245 2473

Telegram @phuketcannabis

Snapchat @phuketcannabis

LINE @longkancafe.


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Message Us

Please contact us for orders, deliveries or if you require any information.

Text: 06 3434 8602
WhatsApp: 06 3434 8602
Telegram: @phuketcannabis
Snapchat: @phuketcannabis
LINE: @phuketweed

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IG: @buyweedphuket
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Linkedin: @phuketcannabiscafe

Our Cannabis Products

We can legally supply cannabis and cannabis products:

– Cannabis
– Cannabis Brownies
– Cannabis Gummies
– THC Vape Pens
– Cannabis Concentrates

CALL: +66 6 3434 8602