Buy Pre Rolls In Phuket

We stock all of our cannabis strains as pre rolls. High quality weed in a wide selection of strains and flavours. Whether you are looking to chill out, be energised, boost your mood, manage pain, control anxiety or help with sleep… we are guaranteed to have the perfect strain for you.

Super Easy & Convenient

Pre Rolls are excellent if you just want to cut to the best part and light up as fast as possible. Our pre-rolls are ready to smoke straight out of the packaging. There’s no downtime involved or any work. Just light up and enjoy the weed experience. We supply our pre rolls in plastic tubes for hygiene reasons and also so you can easily carry them with you.

Sativa - Indica - Hybrid Pre Rolls

We have pre-rolls available in all 3 strains available – sativa, indica and hybrid. Sativa pre-rolls are perfect for those who would like a mood-boosting injection of energy. Sativa is perfect for morning and afternoon smoking sessions. Indica pre-rolls are used for chilling out, relaxing and aiding better sleep patterns. Where hybrid pre-rolls are a perfect balance of initial happy euphoric highs which fade away into a wonderfully relaxing experience.

The Largest Selection of Pre Rolls In Phuket

We have the largest selection of hand picked weed in Phuket. We have 71 different strains of cannabis available as pre rolls. This is the most comprehensive range of pre rolls in Phuket. We have everything from legacy weed strains to rising stars to celebrity weed. There is something available for everyone from weed to relax with to weed to get you in the mood for partying. We have something for every need our clients may have.

Buy Pre Rolls In Phuket

Buy your pre-rolls in Phuket from Phuket Cannabis cafe. We are a fully legal and licensed weed dispensary and delivery service in Phuket.

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