Can You Still Buy Weed In Phuket?

July 9, 2024 Cannabis Bakery

Can You Still Buy & Smoke Weed In Phuket?

You may be wanting to know if it is still legal to buy and smoke weed in Phuket, Thailand. Maybe you are planning a trip to Phuket to enjoy the cannabis scene here and searching for a current update? As of July 2024 it is still legal to buy and smoke weed in Phuket.

Have a read of our takeaway points on the very latest weed situation in Phuket, Thailand. Information every weed tourist needs to know when visiting or planning to visit Thailand.


Here Are Some Takeaway Points You Should Know (July 2024)

  • It is still legal to buy weed in Phuket, Thailand.
  • It is still legal to smoke weed in Phuket, Thailand.
  • Cannabis shops are still open across Phuket and Thailand.
  • Tourists can buy and smoke cannabis in Phuket. You do not need a medical card.
  • Thai law states that weed must be smoked in private areas away from anyone who may find the smoke and smell a nuisance.
  • Smoking in public areas could lead to a 25,000 baht fine.
  • Weed should be purchased only from legally licensed weed shops.
  • You can fly on domestic flights with weed. Please make sure it is wrapped appropriately to restrict the smell.
  • Weed can not be transported over Thailand’s borders.


Phuket Cannabis Cafe

Phuket Cannabis Cafe is a legally licensed weed shop and delivery service in Phuket, Thailand. We were one of the very first legally licensed dispensaries in Thailand. We were also the very first OG weed delivery service in Phuket opening in June 2022.

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