Back In Stock! UK Nicotine Vapes

June 17, 2024 Cannabis Bakery

Back in stock in Phuket! Lost Mary Vapes, Elf Bar Vapes and SKE Crystal vapes available to buy in Phuket, Thailand. Imported from UK and sold exclusively at Phuket Cannabis Cafe. These vapes are made in The UK according to European vape laws. Experience an authentic high quality nicotine vape.

We also have some new disposable nicotine vape brands imported from the UK – Bloody Mary and Elux. Both brands are very popular in Europe and offer a range of delicious flavours.

We deliver nicotine vapes everyday all over Phuket from 1:30pm – 3am. These vapes are in high demand so take your chance today and get your hands on these vapes before they sell out.


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