Sherbet Cake Weed

December 17, 2023
December 17, 2023 Cannabis Bakery


Sherbet Cake aka Sherb Cake – 29% THC


THC Level

Sherbet Cake is a heavy hitter at 29% THC. It is an indica dominant hybrid (85% Indica / 15% Sativa)



This is an incredible strain from an iconic family tree. Its parents are Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties. Sherbet Cake inherits all the best features from its parents. The powerful THC punch that comes from GSC’s legacy genetics (Durban poison x OG Kush). The mouth-watering taste and aroma is inherited from Pink Panties which is known for having a deliciously tropical palette.


Sherbet Cake is the best of both worlds stimulating your mind while relaxing your whole body. Enjoy a euphoric high which will uplift you and fill your mind with creativity and mental motivation. Your artistic side will flourish with Sherbet Cake. After this exciting rush you will enjoy a restful period of mental and physical relaxation.



Sherbet Cake is used for a range of reasons such as – stress, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, and appetite loss.


Taste & Aroma

As its name suggests Sherbet Cake is a delicious treat for your senses. Its taste is a symphony of sweet candy with a fruity, vanilla and tropical twist. The aroma of Sherbet Cake is equally as amazing with a sweet scent that is rich with blueberries and hints of citrus and spice.


If you are looking for a high THC, aromatic full-bodied weed strain Sherbet Cake is for you. Get it while stocks last!


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