New Weed Alert – Watermelon Mimosa

December 12, 2023
December 12, 2023 Cannabis Bakery


Watermelon Mimosa is the delicious offspring of Watermelon Zkittlez x Jesus OG #10. This unique hybrid offers a smooth and fruity smoke. If you are a fan of a wonderfully aromatic weed this is the strain for you.


Flavour & Aroma

True to its name Watermelon Mimosa is a sweet and fruity delight with a citrus twist.

The aroma is equally divine with a tropical, fruity smell accented with a fresh citrus scent. Watermelon is a hybrid that offers the very best effects of sativa and indica.



Enjoy an instant euphoric, energetic high that melts away into a full body relaxation. Say goodbye to mental stress and body aches and pains as you enter a blissful state.


Best Uses

Watermelon mimosa is perfect for chronic pains, fatigue, headaches, anxiety, muscle spasms and stress.



The dominant terpene of this strain is limonene.



This luxurious strain weighs in at 28% THC ideal for an experienced smoker.


Time of Day To Enjoy

Afternoon or evening


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This amazing strain is now available in Phuket. Try it today before we sell out!


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