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April 5, 2023
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Cali Weed



What is So Special About Cali Weed?

Cali weed is synonymous with high-quality, high potent cannabis. It’s reputation amongst weed lovers is truly legendary. Why does Cali weed generate so much buzz and prestige in the cannabis world? Phuket Cannabis Café, looks into the intriguing cultural phenomenon that is Cali weed.


What Is Cali Weed?

Cali weed is cannabis grown in California, USA. ‘Cali’ being short for California. It is typically grown in the Northern region of California, known as ‘The Emerald Triangle.’ This is the largest cannabis growing area in the whole of America. The Cali weed industry is valued at more than $11 billion USD.



History of Cali Weed

To understand why Cali Weed is so special it is important to mention the history of Californian cannabis. Its rich history gives us perspective to understand what makes Cali weed so advanced and potent compared to regular weed grown in other regions around the world.

California was one of the very first states in the USA to legalise cannabis. In 1996, medical cannabis was legalised which kick started the evolution of Cali weed.

In 2017, cannabis was legalised for general recreational use. The legalisation made California a hub for the elite cannabis brains to come together and create weed magic -legally. This ensures that the weed output from Cali is world class in quality and potency.

It is no coincidence that the world’s best weed cultivators and the biggest weed brands are based in California.

California’s history with weed stretches back decades before legalisation. The Cali weed lifestyle began to be engrained in Californian culture, in the 1960s during the ‘hippy’ era. During the 1960s and 1970s weed genetic enthusiasts were taking their Cali seeds to Amsterdam. Whilst here they would trade seeds and genetic information with their Dutch counterparts. The melting pot of weed expertise gave birth to some of the most iconic strains and growing techniques. This period truly laid the foundations of what was to come when legalisation eventually happened.

This long period of time allowed the Californian growers time, wisdom, and experience to really perfect their growing techniques. The strains they were creating have in turn been finely tuned and perfected for potency, quality, and taste. California has taken its place on the global stage as a pioneer of the weed growing movement and lifestyle.



Californian Environment & Climate

California has a very Mediterranean style climate – the summers are dry and warm and the winters are mild and humid. There are on average 3,348 hours of sunlight every year with an average of 9 hours per day. It is sunny for approximately 76.4% of all daylight hours. With a daytime temperature of 60-90 in the daytime and 40-60 at night time – these weather conditions are perfect for growing cannabis.

The excellent sunny and moist growing conditions are another reason why cannabis thrives in California. The perfect climate adds positively to the magical winning formulae for cannabis cultivating.



Strict Californian Law

California has very strict laws regarding the growth and cultivation of weed in the state. It is believed that Californian weed laws are the strictest in the country. Growers must submit to strict testing of their strains on a regular basis.

Use of pesticides and chemicals are very strictly prohibited. There can also be no mould or mildew detected on the weed – which adds to the pure quality of the weed being harvested in California.

The strict control over weed production safeguards the quality of cannabis being grown in the region. These strict quality controls reflect favourably on the gold standard of weed that is produced annually.



The Pop Culture Connection

Cali weed has long been referenced and shouted out in countless west coast rap anthems. Hip Hop superstars such as Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre, Afro man, etc, have all brought Cali weed to the attention of hip hop fans across the globe. The attention, promotion and cultural refence point have long driven demand for the extra potent weed hailing from California.

In recent years hip hop artists have stepped into the weed cultivation market. They have successfully created incredible weed strains and brands. Most notably we have Snoop Dogg with his ‘Leafs by Snoop’ range of weed, Ice Cube with ‘Fryday Kush’, Wiz Khalifa with ‘Khalifa Kush”, and Nipsey Hussle with ‘Marathon Cultivation.’



In Conclusion

The factors of a long-standing history of cannabis cultivation, the engrained weed culture and lifestyle prominent since the 1960s, the expert resident weed pioneers, the optimum climate and the strict cultivation laws have all added to the world class output of Cali cannabis. It is easy to understand why Cali weed is so revered and sought after.



The Best Selling Cali weed strains in 2022

Blue Dream



Durban Poison



Cali Weed In Phuket

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