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January 9, 2023
January 9, 2023 Cannabis Bakery
  1. Fully Legal & Licensed – Doctor Led Dispensary & Weed Delivery Service In PhuketConsumers can buy with confidence knowing that we are a fully legal and licensed cannabis dispensary and weed delivery service in Phuket. We are also headed by a Thai medical doctor who can legally supply and prescribe high THC products.

    We have the correct cannabis permit to legally possess and sell weed in Phuket. We can also issue legal prescriptions for you to carry with you to prove your legal status to possess cannabis in Phuket.

    As the cannabis laws tighten in Thailand we are future proofed for any eventuality. We already have a license issued by the Thai Government –  unlike many of the delivery services and dispensaries who are operating illegally with no legal permit to be selling weed to tourists.

    When buying weed in Phuket, you should be checking that the vendor is fully licensed and has an official government permit to sell cannabis. They should be able to show you their legal permit. If they do not you are illegally buying and possessing weed.

    Here are our legal permits to legally prescribe, possess and sell weed to the general public. Head of our team is a Thai medical doctor who can legally prescribe cannabis. Their official medical license is displayed below.

  2. High Quality Weed In PhuketWe have the largest range of high quality exotic and top shelf weed in Phuket, Thailand. We carefully handpick the very best organic buds for our clients. As a result we are at the cutting edge of the latest and hottest cannabis strains. We curate the finest weed strains from around the world for you to try. You can find rare, hard to find and celebrity weed strains to try out at Phuket Cannabis Cafe. We have connections to get even the most elusive sought after weed strains and bring them to our clients in Phuket.
  3. The OG Weed Delivery Service In PhuketWe are the original Phuket weed delivery service. We were the very first cannabis delivery service in operation as soon as cannabis was deregulated in June 2022. Over the last year we have completed hundreds of deliveries securing our place as the best and most professional delivery service in Phuket.
  4. Reliable & Dependable Weed Delivery Service In PhuketWe are committed to bringing you a professional weed delivery service in Phuket. We ensure we are reliable and dependable delivering everyday (even on public holidays and when there is flooding!) from 1pm – 3am. We can even deliver outside of delivery hours when clients pre-book our delivery service. We are there for you whenever and wherever you need us.
  5. Weed Delivery Direct To Your Door Within 60 MinutesWe pride ourselves on quick and efficient delivery for our clients. We can deliver direct to you within 60 minutes. If you are in Patong we even have an express delivery service so we can be with you within 30 minutes. We deliver all over Phuket everyday 1pm – 3am.
  6. Professional Weed Delivery Drivers In PhuketWe only employ professional cannabis drivers for our delivery service. Our drivers are especially trained in transporting and delivering weed. We ensure our cannabis products are delivered carefully and in perfect condition. We send our orders by climate controlled cars to keep our weed perfect. Don’t worry our cars do not have any company branding or advertisements on them so delivery is perfectly private and discreet. Our drivers are trained to be discreet when delivering as we understand our clients do not want others to know what they are having delivered.
  7. No Stress Weed Delivery In PhuketDo not waste your time wondering around Phuket’s many cannabis shops looking for the best weed. There is no need to waste your precious time when Phuket Cannabis Cafe can legally deliver the very best weed direct to you wherever your location. We can deliver weed to hotels, villas, private homes, restaurants, etc. Just easily place your order with us and kick back and wait for your order to arrive.



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