Weed Watch Thailand – January 2023

January 4, 2023
January 4, 2023 Cannabis Bakery

Thailand Weed Watch – January 2023

Cannabis Update From Ministry Of Public Health – 3rd January 2023


On January 3, 2023, Dr. Narong Apikulwanich, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health addressed concerns regarding foreign tourists buying weed in Thailand.

This is due to the popularity of cannabis-containing products being purchased by international tourists in Thailand.

In order for tourists to understand the cannabis guidelines in Thailand. Dr Narong has issued a 10 step guide to inform tourists of the Thai cannabis laws titled ‘10 Things Tourists Need To Know About Cannabis In Thailand’.

We recommend tourists to carefully read the 10 points issued by Dr Narong so that you are legally purchasing and possessing weed in the Kingdom of Thailand.

The 10-point guide will be readily available at all tourist centres around Thailand.

LINK To Article Thai PBS – https://www.thaipbs.or.th/news/content/323195



’10 Things Tourist Need To Know About Cannabis In Thailand’


  1. Carrying seeds OR parts of  the CANNABIS plant from and to Thailand for personal purposes are not permitted.
  2. CANNABIS cultivation is legal but registering in the ‘Food And Drug Administration’s’ “Plook Ganja” application OR through government website is required.
  3. Using CANNABIS flower buds for research, export, sale, and processing for commercial purposes Requires Official Permit.
  4. Individuals under 20 years old, pregnant women and breastfeeding women are not eligible to use CANNABIS except under the supervision of health professionals.
  5. Possession of extract containing more than 0.2% THC and synthetic THC requires permission.
  6. CANNABIS contained dishes are available in authorized Restaurants.
  7. Approved CANNABIS health products are accessible through specific channels.
  8. Smoking CANNABIS in public spaces, including schools and shopping malls, is Illegal.
  9. Avoid driving after consuming food OR health products containing CANNABIS.
  10. Those who have serious undesirable health outcomes from consuming CANNABIS should promptly see doctors for treatment.



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