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November 19, 2022
November 19, 2022 Cannabis Bakery

Thailand Cannabis Law – Flower Bud Is Now A ‘Controlled Substance.’

UPDATE: May 2023

A new government has been elected in Thailand – The Move Forward Party (MFP). The MFP have announced that they will be re-listing cannabis as a ‘narcotic’. New cannabis laws will be introduced in Thailand. The MFP Deputy Minister has assured us that cannabis businesses who already have legal licenses and permits will be protected by the new cannabis laws. They will be able to remain open and keep trading.

Phuket Cannabis Cafe is a legally registered cannabis business with the correct license and permit. Our team is led by a medical doctor who has the correct legal license to prescribe cannabis and THC products. We will be able to keep selling cannabis legally when the Thai cannabis laws change.

When the cannabis laws in Thailand change, you can continue to buy legally from us. Please save our contact details for when the law changes and you will need to buy from a legal cannabis business.



Buy Weed In Phuket Legally

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Effective From Saturday 12th November 2022

Ministry of Public Health Thailand announced that from Saturday 12th November 2022, the flower bud of the cannabis plant is now a “controlled substance” with restrictions.

Please be aware that there are now new cannabis rules in place. The flower bud can only be sold by cannabis dispensaries that have an official permit and license to legally sell cannabis issued by the Thai Government. Anyone selling the flower bud without a permit or license is selling weed illegally.

Cannabis can also not be sold to anyone under 20 years of age, students and pregnant or breastfeeding individuals.


Phuket Cannabis Cafe Has A Legal Permit & License To Sell Cannabis

Clients can continue to buy cannabis from Phuket Cannabis Café. We have an official permit and license to sell cannabis, export cannabis, possess cannabis, study cannabis and research cannabis. We remain open and selling high-quality cannabis everyday 1:30pm – 3am.

According to Section 46 we regularly report our source, uses and stock amounts to the Thai Government.


Doctor Led Dispensary

Phuket Cannabis Cafe is a doctor-led dispensary. The Head of our team is a Thai medical doctor with a legal medical cannabis license to prescribe cannabis. Our Doctor is fully licensed to prescribe medical cannabis to Nationals of any country visiting or living in Thailand.


Medical Doctors License to Legally Prescribe Cannabis

Legally Buy Weed In Phuket

  • When buying weed in Phuket, please make sure you are following Thai law.
  • You should only be buying weed from cannabis dispensaries and weed delivery services that have the correct license to possess, supply and sell cannabis.
  • The cannabis service should have their license on display on their website or in their shop.
  • If in doubt please ask to see their license to sell weed legally in Phuket.
  • If they do not have a license they are selling weed illegally.
  • If you buy weed from an unlicensed cannabis service you will be illegally buying and possessing weed in Thailand.


Source – English Newspaper Links:

Cannabis flower bud now a controlled substance with restrictions

New edict tightens controls on non-medical use of cannabis in Thailand

Please Buy Weed Legally In Phuket

When buying weed in Phuket, please ensure you obey Thai law. You should be legally purchasing weed (the flower bud) only from a licensed cannabis dispensary with the correct permit to sell weed commercially. If you fail to do so you will be breaking the law in Thailand.


Phuket Cannabis Cafe

We are a fully legal and licensed weed dispensary and weed delivery service in Phuket, Thailand. We have the largest selection of exotic weed and top-shelf weed in Phuket. We are open and delivering everyday from 1:30pm – 3am.



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