Why Choose Phuket Cannabis Cafe

September 10, 2022 Cannabis Bakery

Why Choose Phuket Cannabis Café?


The Premier Cannabis Experience

Phuket Cannabis Café, is the premier cannabis experience In Phuket. Based in the heart of Patong, we welcome everyone from the cannabis connoisseur to the curious who may be seeking their very first cannabis experience.

We want our clients to access weed safely and legally which is why we are a fully legal and licensed cannabis service. As a legal cannabis service, we are bound by the rules and regulations set out by Thai law.  Make sure you shop legal in Phuket and respect Thai law when you are a guest in the Kingdom.


Medically Endorsed

We are a Phuket medically endorsed cannabis dispensary and delivery service. We have a licensed Thai cannabis consultant on staff. Our consultant is a Thai medical Doctor who has undergone strict training to become fully licensed to be able to treat clients with medical cannabis.

Furthermore, they can supply high THC weed and cannabis products to treat medical ailments. If you require a medical cannabis consultation please just let us know.


High-Quality Cannabis Products

We invest heavily in premium cannabis products. We are constantly updating our weed menu with the freshest and most sought-after weed products in Phuket. As such our weed menu is always changing and evolving so, please regularly check back for updates. You are guaranteed to discover something new and exciting to try.

Clients can be assured that we have the highest quality cannabis in Phuket. We personally hand-pick every single strain for purity, potency and mood-boosting effects. We collaborate with the premier cannabis partners both nationally across Thailand and Internationally. Phuket Cannabis café, only work with suppliers we have vetted, personally know, and trust. As a result of our quest for perfectionism, we have a curated line of cannabis products that are reliable, potent, and guaranteed to satisfy our customers.


Widest Range of Weed in Phuket

Phuket Cannabis Café, take great pride in having the biggest and best selection of cannabis in Phuket. Enjoy a wide range of high-quality strains to find the weed with the features you require; be it something to help you sleep, boost your mood, for pain relief, or to help with anxiety. We have something for everyone and something to fit your exact needs.

Our large selection of cannabis products are always fresh, great tasting and offers a range of effects to perfectly match any occasion or need.

Our cannabis products also run across a wide range of prices. Making sure that our products are accessible to all who need them.


5 Star Customer Service

Phuket Cannabis Café, boosts the best customer service in Phuket. We care about our clients and want to ensure they have the best cannabis experience. Therefore our 5-star weed customer service team are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are always here for our clients to take orders, answer questions or make recommendations.

Our professional team have been extensively trained to offer support and guidance for all – from cannabis newcomers to experienced weed users. Our team are here to expertly guide our clients through our expertly curated selection of the best cannabis products found anywhere in Phuket.



Weed Delivery Service in Phuket

We take enormous pride in our speedy, efficient, and professional delivery service. We never use 3rd party drivers to deliver our products. We have our own in-house team of professional and reliable cannabis delivery drivers. Their sole job is to deliver weed safely, efficiently, and discreetly around Phuket. We have made hundreds of deliveries across Phuket, we know the hotels and security staff. This is why we can access hotels to deliver our products discreetly and quickly

Our customer service team work hand in hand with our delivery drivers, to provide our clients with live delivery updates and constant support as they expertly guide you through the whole process.

Our professional 5-star customer service is a major reason why our clients return to us time and time again. Our team is fluent in both Thai and English, so we can communicate effectively with our clients.



Buy Weed In Phuket With Convenience

Phuket Cannabis Café, is open every day from 1pm until 3am. We open late into the night to ensure that we are always there when our clients need us. We are there for you when you arrive in Phuket late at night and need something to help you relax after a long day of travelling. We are there when you return home after an evening out and want to chill with your friends. We are there for those of you who are struggling to sleep or have pain and need some relaxing pain-busting weed delivered to help get a restful night’s sleep.

We are flexible and responsive to our client’s needs. If you require an early delivery, you can pre-book a delivery slot to ensure you get your cannabis products when you need them. If you require extra support or guidance to select the right cannabis product for you, our customer support staff are available to help you day or night.

We have made our Phuket weed ordering system very simple, quick and convenient for our clients to use.



Discreet Weed Delivery In Phuket

We understand the importance of being discreet when we deliver weed. We get that maybe you are travelling in Phuket with family or workmates and you do not want them to see you purchase weed. Or even know that you smoke cannabis.

We are very happy to assist you! You can discreetly order cannabis via any popular messaging app and monitor delivery time. Our professional drivers can meet you somewhere discreet and will always deliver your weed order in discreet packaging. We respect your privacy and always take extra steps to protect you at all times. Just let us know your needs when ordering and we will take care of everything for you.


We Care

Our Phuket cannabis dispensary and weed delivery service is for cannabis newcomers, recreational users, medical users, and cannabis connoisseurs. We serve everyone in the community. We listen to our clients needs and most importantly we care.


How To Contact Phuket Cannabis Café

WhatsApp: 099 245 2473

Signal: 099 245 2473

Telegram: @phuketcannabis

Snapchat: @phuketcannabis

WeChat: @phuketluxe

LINE: @longkancafe

IG: @buyweedphuket




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LINE: @phuketweed

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