What Are Exotic Weeds?

September 5, 2022
September 5, 2022 Cannabis Bakery

What Is Exotic Weed?


Exotic is defined by being…

1: very different, strange, or unusual.  2: introduced from another country: not native exotic plants.

No doubt during your weed adventures you have come across the term ‘exotic’ used to describe certain strains of weed. Exotic by definition is something ‘very different, strange or unusual.. introduced from another country: not native.’ With this in mind, you probably associate exotic weed with being something rare and wonderful.  You would be correct in thinking it was a rare find, as exotic is quite simply a slang term used to describe the most potent, exclusive and high-quality weed.



What Makes Weed Exotic?

As we have discussed exotic weed refers to weeds of high potency. In comparison to ‘normal’ weed, the exotic strains are quite simply a much higher grade of quality. But what makes an exotic weed a higher grade? What are the criteria that define which weed is ‘normal’ and which are ‘exotics’?

Exotic weeds are a class above normal weeds due to their unique DNA and trichomes. Exotic weed strains have heavier and longer trichomes. The high-quality trichomes are what give the weed a beautiful glossy appearance. Additionally, exotic weeds have an unusual potency, taste, aroma and appearance. Exotics are a rare treat for your senses.

Experienced weed consumers will easily be able to tell the unique differences between normal strains and exotic weed strains from sight, smell and taste.

Exotic strains of weed are, understandably, in high demand as weed enthusiasts are eager to try uncommon very potent strains.



What Does Potency Mean?

Potency refers to the concentration of THC levels in the weed. The higher the THC level in the cannabis the higher the potency and the greater the high you will feel.

High-potency strains produce much more intense effects on the user. How intense the feeling depends on person-to-person and how their body reacts.Even the type of strain can cause different effects. Some weed strains may give users an uplifting euphoric high. Whilst others can totally relax the user making them experience ‘couch lock’ where they can not move as their body and mind are so relaxed.

Medical users report high THC effects such as pain relief, reductions in anxiety and an increase in hunger.



What determines the potency of weed?

There are a few important factors that can increase the potency of weed.

  • The climate that the cannabis is grown in
  • The conditions the cannabis is under during the growing process
  • How the weed is processed and harvested
  • The time of year the weed is harvested
  • If the weed is male or female. Female varieties tend to have higher levels of THC
  • than their male counterparts.
  • Exotic genetics separate exotic weeds from ‘normal’ weed



How Does THC come about?

As a cannabis plant grows and eventually reaches maturation, its chemical composition changes quite significantly.

During the early stages of development, the main chemical found in the plant is called cannabidiolic acid. As the plant matures cannabidiolic acid converts to cannabidiol, which in turn converts to tetrahydrocannabinol – known universally as THC – when the plant reaches its maturation.



What Exactly Is THC?

THC is the main psychoactive compound found in weed. THC is what makes people feel ‘high.’ Our bodies have two types of cannabinoid receptors in our bodies. THC binds with receptors – mostly notably in the brain – that control our moods, reactions and pain. The binding is what allows THC to make us feel ‘high’ and euphoric.



What Does Exotic Weed Look Like?

Visually exotic weed has a very unique look. Not only does the weed have a glossy exterior due to the sticky trichomes. The exotic weeds also are available in a variety of distinct bright colours such as bright greens and indigo blues.



What Does Exotic Weed Smell & Taste Like?


Another unique characteristic of exotic weed is its wonderful aroma and flavour. Typically, exotic weed strains are named after their fruity flavour and aromas. As a rule of thumb weeds with a high terpene profile tend to have strong citrus flavours with undercurrent hints of pine.



Exclusivity of Exotic Weed

Premium weeds such as exotic strains are typically rare to find. The exclusivity of these special strains adds to the mystique and appeal of exotic weed. Users are therefore naturally curious to sample these elusive weeds.



Spotlight On Exotic Strains


Apple Fritter

Apple fritter is a well-respected exotic strain of weed. It is the offspring of Sour Apple and Animal Cookies. The 27% THC content of Apple Fritter promises a delicious high like no other. Producing a euphoric feeling throughout the mind and body, animal fritter is well suited for experienced cannabis users. Its THC concentration has been lab tested and has been known to hit highs of 32% THC concentration.

Apple Fritter is typically olive-green in colour with hints of vibrant purple undertones. Additionally, the weed boasts bright orange hair and a striking white coating of trichomes covering the flower.

Like its name, Apple Fritter has a strong citrus aroma of sour apples. Also, like its namesake, the weed has a sweet taste just like apple fritters. Upon exhalation, you will get a hit of strong vanilla flavours. The sweet and sour combination of taste and smell compliments each other perfectly to enhance the overall flavour. The complex terpene profile of Apple Fritter is what gives you the citrus sweetness and the hints of vanilla.



Apple Fritter gets to work straight away. After a few hits, the feelings of euphoria will be washing over your body. With it, your creative side will be awakened. Any negative thoughts will be eliminated and chased away by positive vibes.

Although not technically an evening smoke, many users prefer to indulge in Apple Fritter at night-time. They find the relaxing properties of the strain can lull them into a deep relaxing sleep.

To buy Apple Fritter in Phuket, please message us.



Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake, also known as Triangular Mints Number 23, is the parent strain of Ice cream Cake. At 25% THC, this is one of the more potent strains of weed available. This is the perfect choice for those who want an amazing high without a strong sweet flavour. Instead, this strain has a more bitter sour flavour profile.

Wedding Cake is a very visually appealing weed. It is covered with varying shades of green mixed with light pink or purple colours. The buds have a coating of white crystalline trichomes and a layer of orange.

Although its name suggests a sweet vanilla scent and taste, instead users are greeted with an earthy smell with a sweet undercurrent and a very strong accent of citrus. For taste users often comment on it’s sour taste with earthy, peppery undertones.




Wedding Cake provides an initial strong sense of euphoria which in turn allows your brain to focus on the tasks at hand. As the high continues, the user will feel a pleasant, relaxing warmth taking over their body and mind. This feeling increases your creativity and general levels of happiness. Medical users particularly use Wedding Cake to help alleviate feelings of anxiety, depression, pain and insomnia.



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