What Is A Legal & Licensed Weed Delivery Service

August 31, 2022 Cannabis Bakery

As you may have already read on our website, Phuket Cannabis Cafe is a legal and licensed cannabis dispensary and delivery service. But what exactly does that mean and why is it so important?

What Is A Legal & Licensed Cannabis Service?

This is a Thai owned and staffed business that meets the criteria set out by the Thai government to sell cannabis under section 5 of the Narcotics Substances – ‘Cannabis’ law.  The business has applied, been vetted and approved by the Thai Government to legally sell cannabis products in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Quite simply it means the business can sell weed with the permission of the Thai government without any legal ramifications.


Thai law Explained

We would like to start by making our clients aware that Phuket Cannabis cafe is a company fully staffed by Thai Nationals. From our Owner, Medical Doctor, Budtenders in store, Online customer support team to drivers we are all Thai Nationals. Furthermore, we are all local long-standing residents of Phuket.

By Thai law only Thai Nationals are allowed to import, export, possess, dispose of and sell weed in Thailand. Foreign nationals and companies are prohibited from selling weed within the Kingdom of Thailand. The cannabis industry in Thailand is protected by the Thai First policy, which is a government initiative to protect Thai Nationals jobs, the Thai economy and Thai businesses.


Quoting directly from the legal video: ”Foreigners have been expressly excluded from the new law. Foreign companies and foreign majority companies incorporated in Thailand are prohibited from producing, selling, importing, exporting and possessing cannabis. The restrictions on foreign involvement understandably resulted from a recent “Thailand First” sentiment that resulted from an outcry against foreign applicants with advanced technology and capability applying for Thai patent protection prior to the opening of the domestic market.”


Cannabis License In Thailand

Thai Nationals who would like to create a cannabis business can apply to the Thai Government for a license to

(1) To produce cannabis

(2) To import weed

(4) To export weed

(5) To dispose or possess and sell weed.

Once you are approved and licenses are issued Thai Nationals are able to legally possess and sell weed to the general public.

Phuket Cannabis Cafe, has successfully applied, been evaluated and checked by the Thai government and have been issued a legal license to import, export, produce, posses and sell cannabis to the general public.

In fact we were one of the very first cannabis companies to be legal and fully licensed in Phuket.


Thai Law Guidelines For Applying For A Cannabis License In Thailand

So, you can see how strict the criteria is for applicants who wish to apply for a cannabis license, we have quoted the Thai Law as set out in the Government’s Gazette Publication in November 2021.

‘The Government Gazette’s publication on November 26, 2021, declared the regulation on requesting for the license to produce, import, export, dispose or possess narcotic substance category 5, particularly “cannabis”.

Those eligible to request for the grant of license according to the ministerial regulation are as follow:;

  1. In case an applicant is an individual, the applicant must:
    1. Hold a Thai citizenship
    2. Not be less than 20 years of age
    3. Have a resident in Thailand
    4. Not be a person of unsound mind, incompetent or quasi-incompetent
    5. Not be bankrupt
    6. Not be a person whose license issued under the narcotic law, or the psychotropic substances law is being suspended or revoked
    7. Not be sentenced by final judgment as being guilty of an offence under narcotic law, psychotropic substances law, prevention of volatile substance abuse law, or the law on measures for the suppression of offenders in an offence related to narcotics

Foreigners are not yet allowed to produce, import, export, dispose or possess cannabis in Thailand. In line with the amended Narcotics Act published in 2019, only Thai citizens or juristic persons under Thai law will be able to participate in these activities for the first 5 years after the enforcement of the Act in February 2019.”

Source: Thailand Gazette translation via Siam legal – https://www.siam-legal.com/thailand-law/thailands-cannabis-regulation-in-2022/


Doctor Led Cannabis Team

Phuket Cannabis Cafe, is headed by a Thai Medical Doctor. Our Doctor oversees and approves our weed selection making sure we have high quality and safe weed for our clients consumption. They also make recommendations on weed strains for particular ailments our clients may be suffering from or need assistance with.

As we are managed by a Medical Doctor, we are legally able to access and sell medical grade high THC products in our cannabis dispensary and weed delivery service. You do not need a prescription or any medical paperwork from your home country to buy weed in Phuket from us. Be assured that our cannabis products are Doctor approved and is the very best quality in Phuket.


What Does This Mean For Our Clients?

We understand that our clients are often anxious about buying weed in Phuket and do not fully understand what the new Thai cannabis laws mean for them.

Our clients can rest assured knowing they are buying weed legally from a licensed service in Thailand. We are government approved and a doctor led service. Everyone can buy with confidence knowing they are legally protected when buying weed in Phuket from Phuket Cannabis Cafe.

Our clients safety and protection is key for us which is why we make sure we are obeying Thai law, are fully legal and licensed and are led by a Medical Doctor. We go above and beyond for our clients, who appreciate our efforts to legally and safely bring cannabis to the general public.


Where To Buy Weed In Phuket

We have a weed store in Patong Beach, Phuket open daily from 1pm – 1am. There is no need to pre-book a pick up time or your order. You are very welcome to walk in anytime you would like, our friendly staff are ready and waiting to serve you. You can check out our cannabis products in person and ask any questions before you buy.

We also have a weed delivery service in Phuket. We deliver everyday to every corner of Phuket from 2pm – 3am. Contact us on any of our social media platforms, messaging apps or website to place your order. We can also pre-book deliveries for when you arrive in Phuket or at a convenient time that suits you.


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