Why Choose our Weed Delivery Service?

August 30, 2022
August 30, 2022 Cannabis Bakery

Why choose Our Delivery Service In Phuket?

We pride ourselves on personal service for our clients. This is why we have a dedicated team of cannabis delivery drivers. Our regular clients appreciate having the same trustworthy drivers for all of their deliveries, as they know their order is in good hands.

Our drivers arrive on time and carry out deliveries discreetly and professionally – every time. Our drivers are trained in being discreet as we understand that clients do not always want their travel companions to know about the cannabis orders. Our drivers go above and beyond to protect our clients privacy and ensure the delivery can be completed securely.



We have made hundreds of deliveries to all of the major hotels, villas and residential estates in Phuket. Our drivers know where even the most tricky of delivery addresses are located. So you are assured our delivery drivers do not get lost and slow down delivery time.

Furthermore, we know the security teams at the hotels and accommodations. We are trusted by security which is why we are able to gain access to hotel lobbies, travel on hotel shuttle services and buggies to access different areas of the hotel and can gain access for our late-night deliveries. Our clients simply meet us at a convenient place for them for their delivery.


Excellent Customer Service

Our excellent customer service team, micromanage the entire delivery from ordering to handover. Our professional team will stay in contact with the client throughout the process giving ETAs, driver locations and ensuring a smooth delivery. If the client needs to contact the driver our customer support staff act as a link and will make it happen. Our client is kept in the loop throughout the delivery.

Our high quality weed delivery service is second to none and a major reason why clients return to us time and time again. We take excellent care of our clients and ensure they are always happy and well informed.


Legal & Licensed

When you buy weed in Phuket, ensure you deal with the very best delivery service in Thailand. We are a legal and fully licensed cannabis dispensary and cannabis delivery service. We have been approved and hold all 3 licenses by the Thai government. Buy your weed in Phuket from a trustworthy service who can legally sell weed to the general public. Do not take a chance and order from a non-licensed service when you can order from the best weed delivery service in Phuket.


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