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June 26, 2022
June 26, 2022 Cannabis Bakery

Phuket Cannabis cafe, now have these new strains of cannabis available for delivery and pick up. Please message us to order or arrange pick up…

WhatsApp / Signal : +66 99 245 2473

Telegram / Snapchat: @phuketcannabis

LINE: @longkancafe



Jack Herer (24% THC)

Green Crack (247 THC)

Candyland (22% THC)

Mimosa (27% THC)



Zkittlez (15.5% THC)

Afghan Kush (25% THC)

Cookie Kush (19% THC)

OG Kush (26% THC)

Wedding Cheesecake (25% THC)

Purple Punch (20% THC)

Strawberry Banana (33% THC)


50% Hybrid

Banana Daddy (27% THC)

Gelato (25% THC)

Blue Dream (27% THC)

Orange Sherbert (17% – 20% THC)

Gorilla Glue (28% THC)

Forbidden Runtz (26% THC)



Phuket Cannabis Cafe, is the leading cannabis shop in Phuket, Thailand. We have sativa, indica and hybrid strains of cannabis in stock.

We deliver our high quality weed all over Phuket. You can also pick up from Patong OTOP.


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